Risu (theladyrisu) wrote in billyjoel,

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What the frig...?

I had a feeling I wasn't seeing things correctly. A gothic Billy Joel community? Surely not! I investigated and lo and behold...such things do exist.

*happy dance* I'm not alone in the world anymore! Oh, happy day!

But uh, yes, hello. My name is Risu and I've been a Joel-fan since I was a mere pollywog in the womb. I've been incredibly hard pressed to find anyone else who shares my love for the man's talent in my current social circle, and I am ever so thankful this community was created. >^_^
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gothic. like rainbows and bunnies, man.

billy joel is great music to go along with GI Joe. don't ask, just accept that there are people out there weirder than you.
A gothic Billy Joel community? Surely not!
my precise thoughts